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Take Your Horsemanship to the Next Level with Tracy Wagner’s Training Video Library

Both novice riders and seasoned professionals admire riders of all disciplines who seem to have formed a deep partnership with their horses. When these exceptional riders enter the show ring, they appear to become one with their horse because of the in depth understanding the rider shares with the horse. How can you develop this type of highly intuitive cooperative relationship with the horses you ride?

Learn How to Develop a Partnership with Your Horses

In each of her training videos, Tracy Wagner uses her extensive knowledge of horses and their riders to provide critical insights into the fundamentals that allow horses and people to form a synergistic relationship based upon trust, communication, and understanding. Each video, from the fundamentals of caring for a horse, to bonding through exercises and how to share your knowledge with the next generation of riders, builds upon the lessons from the other videos. Whether you are a veteran of the show ring or just starting to ride, you’ll learn how to improve your relationship with the horses you ride, as well as your riding techniques, with each video you watch. Don’t miss any of these essential lessons when you buy the complete six video collection for the price of five individual training videos today!

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