Tracy Wagner


Our training is driven and tailored to your needs. Proven methods to maximize your potential.


Improving the relationship between rider and horse. We aim to further connect both, every step of the way.


Training is a serious activity. We have the expertise and understanding to help push you and your horse to new limits.

twt_portraitTracy is a life-long hands-on horsewoman and highly respected professional horse trainer, specializing in helping horse people with real everyday issues through a back to basics approach that is often missed. Her holistic approach to riding and training is based on her deep intuitive understanding of the multi-faceted relationship between the mind and body of both horse and rider and her unique ability to communicate that understanding to her students.

Her success with building more confident horses and riders is based on two very important aspects in building the foundation of a true partnership: relaxation and feel. She encourages her students to “think outside the box.” She teaches horses to be calm, confident, and workmanlike, while also addressing the horse’s questions of motion, balance, resistance, momentum and friction while attempting to carry a rider. Tracy uses a combination of natural horsemanship, classical dressage, trick training, bridle-less riding, liberty work and more to create willing partnerships with her horses. Her true skill as a horsewoman is her ability to identify exactly where each horse needs more work in order to fulfill their potential. She also uses this ability with riders to separate cause and effect so riders can focus on making effective changes, rather than being told the same corrections over and over.

As a certified master instructor she currently gives clinics and instruction to a variety of students from different back grounds – from the weekend trail warrior, to the competitor with a nervous horse; riders of all ages, interests and ability levels. Her lessons are built on the concept of confidence building and keeping things “interesting” to achieve not only safer riding, but also for better performance in the competition arena.

With her no-nonsense training ideals, she is one of the most versatile horsewomen in the industry and you can see the results of her training every time her horses and riders perform at horse expos, shows, and clinics. She gets the most out of them through trust, respect, understanding and empathy. Tracy says “The key in getting your horse to doing anything correctly is consistency in training, and every time you touch a horse you are training it. It is the quality, not quantity of training. People think you must train a horse for hours on end and it’s quite the opposite. I train people to think in small steps and how to see things from a horse’s perspective.”

As an owner of a variety of breeds from Appaloosa, Pintos, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Welsh ponies, Haflingers, and Minis, Tracy enjoys working with them all. Tracy helps teach people how to create a special partnership with their horses with real world exercises and training programs. “It’s not about the tricks, it’s about getting you and your horse to a higher level and having fun while doing it.” Tracy knows that the average person doesn’t have all day or years to train their horses. They want to start enjoying them now.

Her varied background ranges from dressage and jumping to reining, colt-starting, and driving. Tracy is a CHA master instructor, a graduate of Richard Shrake’s Resistance free certification program, certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning and she has continued her education and training under top trainers in the disciplines of dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing and reining.