Getting Comfortable with the Horse and Basic Equipment (40m 55s)


Video Duration: 40m 55s

Spending time with your horse will take on a new meaning after getting to know Tracy Wagner. This opening lesson explores how to observe horses’ behavior and how to naturally be more comfortable around them. Is bridling stressful for you or your horse? Confusing for a new rider? Tracy Wagner’s bridling techniques can help. Tracy explains the use of various halters and bits and demonstrates the appropriate use of cross-ties. This video will help so any rider can saddle their horse calmly and get ready for the fun part – riding!

The lesson is appropriate for all experience levels from novice to professional. Viewers who are new to horses and riding will understand more and seasoned riders can review their horsemanship and equipment knowledge.

If you want to create a special and trusting bond with any horse or pony, before getting on to ride, and to ultimately have a better ride, then this is the video for you. Getting tacked up will mean so much more to you by having Tracy Wagner’s method in your tack box!